Truly Doc Julie

33 Ways CLASS

6-week Body Transformation BLITZ Program


One LIVE class per week for 8 weeks (teleconference and recording avilable)

     - Exercise instruction – resistance & cardiovascular (30 mins)

     - How, why, & what to eat   (15 mins)

     - Motivation & accountability  (15 mins)

 ½ price Livin' Up 2 Wellness Center membership (optional - monthly – NO contract, Includes ALL group fitness classes)
Autographed copy of Doc Julie’s book – 33 Ways for 33 Days
 Space limited - Interactive SMALL Group of 10 Spaces Available!
USUALLY $199.00 for 6-week program, SPECIAL is offered for 8-week program
Classes scheduled based on participant schedules
Additional on-line support and make-up information
ALL of these amazing tools to help you get in the Best Shape of Your Life! 

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This is a 6-Week class that meets once per week and will cover EACH of the 33 Ways in DJ's workbook, 33 Ways for 33 Days. 


  For more information e-mail Doc Julie