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33 Ways for 33 Days - by DJ Wallis Rengert

This complete instructive workbook is everything you need to get you where you want to be.  This easy to use book covers vital topics such as:

*  The Pro's secrets to staying on target

*  Detailed instructions for eating and exercise

*  Prevent "daily life struggles" that threaten achievement of your dreams. 

*  Truly a compilation (95 pages) of DJ's "best stuff."

Complete workbook to Be Your Best!

"I have learned quite a few secrets over the past decade through working with clients and competing that keep me at the top in the fitness industry.  I have consolidated these secrets in an easy to follow format in the hopes that I can save others years of frustration and time wasting."  - DJ Wallis

Key Benefits
*  Learn once and for all what it takes to get to your goal, beyond the myths and beyond the "hype."
*  Learn how to tap into your willpower and drive and attach this resolve to any goal.
*  Watch DJ every day to help you stay on task and motivated, until your own resolve "kicks in."

Book Contents
*  Daily Tracking Journal to track your progress, motivate you to "keep you going."
*  Heart Rate Zone determination guide complete with cardio programs to design your Ultimate "Attack on Fat!"  (Instructions in the text of the book.)

The 33 Ways that DJ has successfully used, compiled from working with some of the greatest in every field from human potential, to fitness, to spirituality.  Included with these is invaluable insight into the remarkable yet simple practices to assist you in enjoying every moment of every day.

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