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Julie Wallis Rengert (formerly DJ Wallis) has been training others and competing in fitness since 1999. Sean Rengert has been a passionate firefighter and fitness advocate for 15 years.  Along with his wife, "Doc Julie," an expert in the field of optimal health, wellness, and achievement, services help others BE healthy. Her from the heart, tell it like it is style has helped a diverse range of individuals accomplish their goals. 

For YOUR Group - Work sites, Social Groups and Organizations, and even Small Groups


Through live speaking engagements, educational or group fitness classes, group personal training and on-line classes, we can help you and your organization reach new health and fitness levels. 


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Here's a sample of a COMPLETE advanced leg workout.

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Poor health and fitness due to lifestyle choices are a huge problem in the U.S. and we all need to work together to resolve the problem and reverse the trend.  The programs accessible through this site promote taking responsibility for our own daily actions and developing a system that will hold us accountable for long-term change to better our quality of life. 

Welcome to the resource site for comprehensive services and information to assist in groups and individuals to reach higher levels of health and fitness.  Julie Rengert has been a pioneer in client motivation and adherence since 1999.  The following year she also earned her Professional Card in the I.F.B.B. and still competes today as a Figure Professional.

Julie has worked with groups such as Fire Departments, State Troopers, and teaches in the Sports, Fitness, and Health Program at The Ohio State University.  Click Here to see TESTIMONIALS

"My mission is to provide invaluable resources and service to individuals and companies to gain new levels of achievement and motivation."  - Julie Rengert

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Body-Camp DJ leads 30 minutes of resistance training, 30 minutes of aerobic training
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All of fitness and health comes down to the basic need to take care of our bodies.  Somewhere within each one of us exists the ability to tap into a power that would FIRE every single activity that is necessary to achieve ALL we want in life.


Finding that POWER within is not easy.  Sometimes it takes years of searching and successive frustrations to finally get to the point where we are SICK.  Sick and tired of complaining about WHY we cannot reach our goals, where we finally get out of our rut and DO SOMETHING.


I have been in this situation many times, and the resources on this site are how I've learned to get through this thing called LIFE by experience and through my studies.  I share these with you so it will hopefully somehow assist you in reaching this point and DOING SOMETHING.


Here is my favorite tool to keep me on track, keep my mind clear, and allow me to focus on TAKING STEPS EVERY DAY to get where I want to be.


Here is an intro of an example of someone who did just that.  To see Lani's full video and tips from her on HOW she did it, CLICK HERE.




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