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5-ALARM Fitness Program

a 12-week program to establish a system for personal success in lifestyle behavior changes

5 - Associated Lifestyle Attributes Regulating Motivation

 1. Self-Efficacy - increasing self confidence to change lifestyle habits long-term on a regular basis

 2. Goal Setting - setting and moving toward specific goals that are sufficient to accomplish desired outcomes

 3. Self-Regulation - implementation of techniques for accountability and relapse prevention

 4. Social Support - establishing a social environment thatpromotes maintenance of positive lifestyle changes

 5. Environment - finding and using resources and creating an environment thatpromotes success

A vital component of the 5-ALARM Program is Exercise Prescription
  -  Determining exercise sufficient for health changes is a topic of debate (Blair, 2004)
  -  Studies show exercise intensity carried out at or below anaerobic threshold  (AT) is equally beneficial for fitness or health improvements & has shown increased adherence (Ekkekakis, 2004)
  -  Use of AT combined with prior exercise history provides individually applicable recommendations
  -  CDC guidelines are vague, even updated - “most if not all days of the week”


iall days of the week”