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Cardio Programs

The following cardio programs are based on interval training using heart rates that are determined as in your indidivual exercise assessment or can be determined using the age charts.  This type of training incorporates the efficiency of burning more FAT and TOTAL CALORIES by interval training programs designed around the anaerobic threshold.

There are several varied intensity of programs available for your resources:
Click on the time length of program in the appropriate intensity level to access the trackable cardio program for you to print and use every day.
 45 min.
Medium  30 min.
 45 min.
High  30 min.  40 min.

Brief Personal Heart Rate Zone instructions:

Determining Your Zones:  

1. Put on your heart rate monitor

2. Begin low to moderate intensity activity (walking, biking, elliptical, etc.) and record the low end of your Heart Rate Range

3. The traditional calculation used to determine your MAXIMUM heart rate (220 - your age) can be used to give you a target for the PEAK. 

4.  Gradually increase the intensity (speed &/or incline/resistance) over approximately 15 - 20 minutes for the test. 

5.  Record PEAK heart rate when you are unable to carry on conversation and your heart rate seems to level off (it is no longer rising.) 

*  Cease activity if you feel dizzy or short of breath.  It is extremely important to seek the advice of a physician prior to attempting this peak heart rate, especially if you have any type of health concern.  This test is often done as a stress test by a physician and should be done that way if you know that you have a health concern.

6. Once you have your top range of your peak zone, you can calculate the rest of the zones by evenly dividing the heart rate ranges between the low end of your recovery zone and the high end of your peak zone.

Example: Low end of recovery zone -  121
  High end of peak zone -  185
 calculation:  185 - 121 = 64
   64 / 3 = ~ 21

Example Heart Rate Zones
Recovery Zone 121 - 142
AT Zone (AT=Anaerobic Threshold)
143 - 164
Peak Zone 165 - 185


Here is a SPECIAL 28-Day Cardio BLITZ I developed for my competition preparation.  Some of the cardio plans are combined with these available above, and on several days when I get about 8 - 10 weeks out I will 2 cardios on several days of the week.  ENJOY!