Truly Doc Julie


There are many resources I will recommend, so I will try to list them by category.  These can be VERY helpful!


NEW!! - Insight from Michael Greger, M.D.

Calcium Intake Calculator

RECIPES from DACC group

Dr. McDougall, MD - searchable newsletter archives - Great RECIPES

Wellness Forum in Worthington.  Run by Dr. Pam Popper - highlighted in Forks Over Knives (official trailer)

Ask Dr. Popper - Newsletters, searchable by topic!

Tracking diet:

Calorie Calculator

Dr. Esselstyn's website - visit Q & A for great information

Stevia conversion source (Stevia IS stable for cooking - 200x's stronger than sugar - see link for equivalents to sugar for cooking)

Organic Criteria Info

Grocery List Food Choices with Caloric content


Documentary on Gentically Modified Foods:


Tracking Progress

Bod Pod location - Dublin Recreation Center (scroll to fitness testing at the bottom)

BMI Calculator



Dr. Beck - Cognitive Behavioral Therapy - Beck Diet Solution - Audio Book - Workbook

Napoleon Hill - You're Right to Be Rich (unabridged Napoleon Hill BEST OF Lectures)


Cardiovascular Exercise



Resistance Training

Resistance Training Videos
Lower Back & Quadriceps Stretch 

 Triceps & Chest

with alternating Side Lunge

Close Stance Squats (quads)     
Single Leg Lunges (legs - hamstring and glutes)    
Jump Squats (legs)    
 Push-Ups (chest)