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“I realized the only way to lower our company’s medical claims was to get our employees healthier. I looked into fitness/wellness programs but they were either too expensive or did not offer the
services we felt our employees needed (like having the company visit our employees regularly). Luckily, I was introduced to Julie and 5-alarm fitness. The cost was so reasonable; I felt we owed it to our
employees to try. Working with Julie has been great. She is knowledgeable, personable, and positive. Her 5-alarm fitness program has given our staff the tools to lead a healthier lifestyle. More importantly, Julie’s weekly face-to-face meetings provide a level of accountability that ensures a more successful outcome. This might sound hokey, but I really feel her program can be life-changing.”

- Christopher Bell, Treasurer, Delaware Area Career Center

Chief Al Woo, Washington Township Fire Department
Intense 6-weeks programs were carried out with participants from the fire department in Dublin, OH.  I asked Chief Woo to comment on the program:
What functional and relevant benefits did you receive as a result of working with us?
Definitely better physical conditioning, a better understanding of proper exercise and diet technique, increased energy level and decreased body fat percentages.
What changes to your fitness and wellness programs occurred following participation?
More focus on end goals, More structure and purpose to the workouts; both strength and cardio.  Better diet goals and good understanding of my metabolic baseline.


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Terri Hesse:  "Progress is great and I have told numerous people that I really don't think I would be doing this well without your guide!!!  I wait tables (just 10am-5pm) in a very casual place, I've been at this particular place for 10 yrs (as of this past Sept.15) and there I can talk freely to all my customers and most are truly my friends now as well. 

I bring your 33ways with me everyday and pull it out often as well as your photo and explain to them how it is working for me.  Several have asked to look at it while they eat their meal and find it very motivating (they usually feel so quilty for what they just ate -makes me giggle.) 

Anyway! Many people have said they can really see changes, I must have heard it a dozen times just yesterday. Being in this kind of work with all the public keeps up the motivation clearly. I realized last night when I re-read way #21 what exactly is the best way to describe what's going on. 


This is exactly what I wrote... "You know-this past 3 weeks doing this 33ways its been all about the challenge of quitting drinking and no one knows really how much I was drinking but myself (and it was ALOT).  So I really have come a LONG way and shouldn't beat myself up for the 6 times that I did drink in past 3 weeks. Before it was every day. Also I have been really working out HARD!!  I am now hearing A LOT of people noticing I am losing inches (how could I not when I am eliminating nearly 1500 calories in alcohol a week!!!) So even though I let myself feel so guilty for those few times I did drink when I look at my calendar for way #5 I feel a bigger sense of accomplishment when I see all those yellows (the color I chose for my perfect days). And knowing that competition is 5 months away, I have the chance to redo my 33 days 5 more times until I get it down perfect every day!!"

I am looking forward to my next 33 days especially because since we are "bikers" and riding around bar hopping like most bikers around here do, I know that with the season coming closer to an end it will be much easier to say no when there will be much colder days ahead and less temptation. I hope in next 33days I can learn to socialize without a drink in hand. I have a feeling though that I would rather be at the gym at that point. As of now I am training HEAVY at gym 3 nights a wk as well as the 5-7 workouts I do in mornings before work (from my 250 dvd/vhs collection of mostly The Firm). Thank you so much. Hope your help brings a tear to your eye for the change it has made in my life!!!"  -Teri Hesse

Teri's Success!
Start Date:       10/07 Date Posted: 5/08
Starting weight:      140 Current weight:    127
Starting bodyfat:     30% Current bodyfat:    16%





 Follow-up once I showed Teri the testimonial above from her comments she had sent me:

"Have to admit I was a bit nervous what it was that I had said or confessed to but now that the drinking habit does not have a hold on me I am at ease with the problem that is now behind me.Thank you for seeing it as important and helpful to others.  It was nice to be able to simply see your book for sale in Oxygen magazine and simply get on your site and order it and just for my willingness to want to change for a better and healthier lifestyle I was able to succeed without having to go to AA meetings or anything of that sort.  Now it has been several weeks since I have journaled and followed the 33 Ways and since seeing your testimonials page with me on it I definitely will start my 33 Ways again TODAY!!  All with NEW goals and I know I will succeed at those too!!"